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Our History  
1970s   Established in the 1970’s as a an industry service shop with emphasis in the repair of water injection pumps.
1983   With new ownership in 1983, the name was changed to GLM Corp.
1982   GLM moved into the repair of gas turbine, centrifugal gas compressors, high speed equipment.
1986   A new 8000 sq/ft facility was built. Moved into full skid restoration.
1996   Present owner purchased GLM, first CNC equipment purchased, upgrades to balancing equipment.
1997-2001   Equipment purchases: CNC lathe, 4-axis mill, manual machines upgrade.
2001   Became NB certified for the repair and testing of relief valves.
2002   Expanded facilities adding 9600 sq/ft and 20ton beam crane.
2005   Replaced the manual lathes, retiring the older equipment.
2008   Expanded facilities adding another 9000 sq/ft to house equipment purchases (Mazak 5-axis milling center, Mazak QT 450 CNC lathe, AGIE sinker EDM, AGIE CNC wire EDM.
2008   Shenck H60 balancer installed.
  Addition of a Metris CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) with laser scanning.
2010   Added a Steam boiler to further the Safety Valve program to Section I valves.
1986 Building  
GLM shop circa 1992  
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